Monday, June 10, 2013


Dear Diary,

I know it's been awhile since I've written, but that "IMG" is not a typo. 

Sure, we are all familiar with the texting shortcut OMG, which I only use as a form of "OMGosh" due to its breaking the third commandment, and by the time I write that all out it's really not making anything short for me anyway.... 

OK, back to topic:
IMG is my new slang acronym meaning Inward Mental Groan.

IMG describes those times you internally exclaim your displeasure at a situation without letting anyone around you in on your secret.  Perhaps you even have a smile on your face during an IMG (otherwise known as IMGWS - inward mental groan with a smile).  Here are some examples of times an IMG may pop up.
  • Driving my car in slow traffic-- lets say, approaching a stoplight during rush hour.  Then ending up stopped in the path of an exit, perhaps a gas station, with three cars waiting to get out into the lane I am occupying.  IMG!  (Well, if it's me you are trying to get in front of, people, maybe I'll smilingly let one car out! IMGWS!)
  • Discovering I am missing an ingredient in a recipe after I started making it.  IMG! No, wait, I actually whine and complain noisily on that one!
  • Watching a friend's toddler walk through (literally) my screen door that was just re-screened....not that that really happened. At least not recently.  IMGWS!
  • Waiting until payday to buy those cute shoes only to find out they are now at regular price and no longer at last week's bargain price. (Or leaving all my shopping coupons at home on the counter.) IMG!
  • Reading a great book only to find a cliffhanger at the end. IMG!  And then having to go on a waiting list to get the next in the series.  Double IMG!
  • Repeating a song ending fourteen times during church.  IMGWS!  (For the record, that would never happen at my church!)
  • Suck ups.  IMG!
I think that conveys the idea.  I know there are more.  Anyone want to share their IMG moments?

Happy to be writing again!


  1. Realizing there are no diapers in the house and it's bedtime....UGH!!!

    (this was pre-potty training).

    1. Asli - welcome to my blog! This is a side of me you haven't seen!
      I can relate to the no diapers - at least many years ago. Also running out of wipes/kleenex/napkins! Enjoy those girls!

  2. Aaahhh...this is good. (For the record, MY daughter didn't walk through your screen door, did she?! Pretty sure we would have known if it happened...) ;) Not a fan of repeating song endings for a small forever, least we never do it fourteen times. (But that's why you may see me slightly cringe if we ever sing "I Could Sing of Your Love Forever"'s because we really DO sing of His love forever.) :)

    IMG...realizing you're out of coffee at 6 am. Yeah, that one happens to me way too often.

    1. Oooh, yeah, or creamer!
      And the screen incident was a few years before M was born, so you got out of that one :)