Friday, March 27, 2015

I ♥ NY

Dear Diary,

They say New Yorkers are rude.
I didn't find them to be any ruder than dwellers from any other large city.
In fact, many were actually pleasant.
Let me reminisce.

The friendliness was apparent as soon as we made our way out of the airport to find a cab; many kind sirs asked if we wanted a ride.  So sweet! In fact many folks near the large tourist landmarks were more than happy to accommodate us for the sake of skipping the long lines or to give us a good deal.  How thoughtful!

After using the restroom in a restaurant, a server kindly got my attention as I made the trek back to my table: "Ma'am, you have a napkin stuck to the bottom of your shoe!"  Well, it was toilet paper, but only a couple squares, so of course out of gratitude I returned the favor and didn't correct him.

After taking pictures in front of the famous Tiffany's, we entered the hallowed building. As we took our first steps into the main floor, taking in the glass cases and dozens of well suited sales and security people, something crashed to the floor at our feet. Glass pieces and liquid Snapple seeped onto the tile while my mortified twelve-year-old turned beet red.  Immediately three or four well dressed men surrounded us assuring, "It's OK, we'll take care of it, don't worry about it."  See?  So kind!

While perusing Saks (Fifth Avenue, in case you want to reference it) my daughters and I decided to browse the shoe floor (yes, ladies, a whole floor devoted to shoes!).  As we roamed displays, gawking and pointing and comparing prices ($$ thousandssss), not one salesperson bothered us.  In fact, it was like we were invisible.  How did they know my three girls and I were "just looking" and didn't need to be bothered? Maybe my Clarks and our Vera Bradley bags were a giveaway.  Boy, they are good.

On our last day in the city, my daughter became visibly ill as we approached the ticket line for the observation deck of the Empire State Building.  A kindly security guard gave us all kinds of advice about "coming back tomorrow" or where to find the drug store for meds or the McD's across the street for ginger ale.  We opted for the ginger ale and a nap.  Here is my two-hour view while the three other family members went up to the 86th floor of the iconic Empire State building and my ill daughter slept in the booth next to me.  Nobody even kicked us out!  Such a nice town.

I do like the Big Apple for big city kicks, but I like town living best. 

Thanks for the memories, New York!