Friday, February 15, 2013

A Beauty-filled Season

Dear Diary,
I have a round magnifying mirror suctioned to my vanity mirror in the master bath.  Because of my membership in the aforementioned blurry vision club, I need it to see where I am putting my eyeliner. Hopefully on my eyes.

It is not pleasant to look into my unnaturally magnified reflection. 
What is the tendency? 
To look at all my beautiful attributes?  No. 
To observe all of my flaws and imperfections.

Yet if I refuse to look into the mirror, if I choose to remain blurry eyed to the flaws, my beautiful attributes will eventually become marred with the grotesque, like weeds choking a garden.

But if I take the time (and steel myself) to confront the offending defects, I can choose to do something about them. (Could someone hand me my tweezers?) 

This is how I observe Lent. 
For me it's an examination of self. 
A close and up-personal exam. 
An honest, ugly, bare-all one. 
A repentant and remorseful one.

Because only by weeding out the uglies can my best self be revealed.
My best actions, words, and thoughts can come forth.
My Christian life and light can shine brighter.

Have a beauty-filled season,


  1. I know it sounds a little odd, but even three-ish days without TV have been eye-opening. For one thing, I'm far more aware of how I spend my time. But I know this season is about far more than that. :) Honestly, Lent is still new for us, but it's you, I'm praying some beauty will come from it. :)

    1. It will come. What form it will take is the wonderful mystery!