Wednesday, April 10, 2013

WWJLT? What Would Jesus Listen To?

Dear Diary,

As I was driving to work this morning, totally disappointed with the talk radio choices I had, I flipped to my preferred FM station; the one I turn to before choosing any other: K-LOVE.

As I started be-bopping to the tune -- an unfamiliar one -- I wondered....

Does God have a musical preference?

We earth-beings have made music since the drum was invented.  We earth-beings have MANY different musical tastes, each refined through our cultural and generational differences.

I think all Christian music is an offering to God, a form of worshipping The Creator.  With this in mind, I had to chuckle to myself in the car this morning.  I wondered what musical offering God likes the best.  What gets his toes tappin' and puts a smile on his face?

(Some would argue hymns sung in German and accompanied by an organ.)

Most would say the best music for God is whatever their own preference is.

So I chuckled in my car this morning 'cuz I imagined Jesus doin' the Saturday Night Live head-bob-thing to this song by Citizen Way.  Or sitting behind a drum kit, sticks poised, ready to tap out the beat.  I can only imagine he enjoys the songs K-LOVE has to offer just as much as he enjoys the Red Hymnal of a Lutheran church service.

He never tells us in any Gospel what music to listen to. (Blessed are the classical music makers?)
Nor is the Eleventh Commandment: Thou shalt listen to Elvis. To Elvis alone, thou shalt listen.

So he must not have a preference. 

As long as it is from my heart to his, I am assured "Nothing ever can separate us!" 
Not even my taste in music.

Always tasteful,

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  1. Is there a song/music that impresses God? Bible-believing earth-beings know the answer: no.