Monday, November 5, 2012

A Luxury I Love

Dear Diary,
I love the library.

Lately, as one of our "filling time" activities [see post on Filling Time 10/26] I head to the library with or without a kid in tow.  Thankfully, the library is in close proximity to our school, the locale for most of my kids' time-filling activities.

Now, reading is a luxury for which I can find some uninterupted time during one of these moments:
  • My lunch -- a blissful break during which I get to simultaneously do two things I enjoy:  eating and reading.  I open a book over my sandwich and hope I don't get orange Cheetos smudges on the pages.
  • In bed -- a quiet break during which I can't find a good, reclined, reading position without the overhead lights glaring into my eyes like some inquisition torture chamber.  So then I have to use the book as a light shield, which shades the pages and really tires out my arm.  Feelin' sorry for me yet?
Right now I have two books that I am working on. (The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and The Good Nearby, if you must know.)  I can't read two books very well, let alone get some quality daily Bible reading in.  (My DailyBible app is great!  A random verse a day keeps the guilt away!) But I digress.

I was at the library today and decided to pick up yet another book -- yes, a third, if you are keeping track -- and a couple of DVDs (Carousel and The Artist, if you must know-- and don't even ask how I will find time to watch them.  My Netflix dvd has been sitting by my TV, unwatched, for over a month.)

2 + 1 = 3 books I now need to find time to read.

But the library is like a candy store for the brain!  How could I not get another when I am surrounded by shelves and shelves of delectable, delightful pages of escape?  Historical fiction -- queens and castles, spies, horses and the guillotine; mysteries -- cloaks and daggers, lawyers, detectives and clues; dramatic fiction -- estranged spouses, unexpected illnesses, and trips to secluded cabins, or Europe -- or secluded cabins in Europe -- to become a writer and find one's self.

Yes, the library is a luxury of leisure.  If I had to play the "Would You Rather" game, I would rather be locked up in a library than, let's say, a craft store. 

Well, would you look at the time!  I think bedtime may come a little early tonight!  Maybe a baseball hat or sunglasses will do the trick.

Inquisitively yours,

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  1. Hint: use your camping hat w/ lights to read your book or get a clip on book light. :) Gail Borden is my retreat when I have a few minutes before church or Academy commitments. I'm reading The Light Between Oceans. Can't put it down!