Thursday, November 1, 2012

And the First Runner Up Is.....

Dear Diary,

How can I not write about this on the heels of yesterday's post?  Yesterday I noted that I was waiting for a call on a job for which I interviewed twice. 

Well, it came while driving my kids to school.  I was in both a school and construction zone, and in Illinois that is a double no-no for cell phone use.  So yes, I did pull over to park and talk.  I knew this would be a serious phone call.

Being told you are second choice is never easy. 
Sure you got the smile, cheerful demeanor, and "thank you very much" attitude, but inside your gut is squeezing your heart into your throat.  I new there was a reason I didn't put on mascara today.  I thought it was because I was under the weather.

Out of 88 teams, second place is really great, right? 

Well, I know the answer to that.  My daughter's volleyball team had a great tournament recently in which they ended up with the first place trophy.  Yup, that second place team didn't feel good to be second best I can tell you that.

Grocery shopping was on my to-do list after dropping the kids at school.  Probably not the best idea when you are on a downer.  But boy I can't wait to dig into those pumpkin pie pop-tarts!  I did see a friend at the store who was quick with the hug.  Thank you!

So now I take just a few more moments for self-pity.  Then I shall dust myself off (at least no mascara racoon eyes to worry about) and roll up my sleeves.  There is a pantry that needs cleaning out.  I bought a few extra items I need to make room for. 

Count Chocula Treat anyone?

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  1. I am so sorry, dear friend! Losing my mascara for you,