Wednesday, October 31, 2012

On the Verge

Dear Diary,
I'm on the verge.

There are many things right now that I am on the brink of resolving.  Things that are half-done, waiting for completion.  The trouble is, they are out of my control to resolve.  So I remain on the verge.....
Two job interviews (for the same job) and still waiting for THE phone call.
With a 2-hour nap this morning and some (more) Advil down my throat, I am a cold (or something worse) waiting to happen. 
Phone calls to a couple of friends, unreturned. 
Painstakingly researching rentals (darn dog), finally committing to a condo on the Gulf Coast in December, and praying no one gets it booked before we send in our lease.
Planning and prepping for a church function, which is a month away, for which I rely on others' participation for its success. [Nativity Walk, Immanuel Lutheran in E. Dundee, December 1! Come one and come all!]

Piles of yarn ready for my crochet hook, books waiting to be devoured, and movies waiting to be viewed, but time must be managed well to partake in these offerings.

It's unsettling - -maybe even SCARY (thank you for indulging me on that Halloween reference) -- to have things hanging in the air, especially too many things.  I derive satisfaction, and sometimes even happiness, from resolution.  Who doesn't?  Give me heaven, not purgatory! 

Time to find my Vitamin C lozenges,

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  1. If you cannot find a place, I can stay w/ Chas. It'll be a nice break from you-know-who (and I don't mean Kevin).
    Living in the same "on the verge" world as you, lkj

    P.S. Did you call me? ;)