Monday, October 22, 2012

Got Feelings? There's a Descriptor for That!

Dear Diary,

I have one of those blessed relationships with my parents.  I actually enjoy being with them.  But since they are retired beach-combers and I am a mid-western soccer mom  ("soccer" is used loosely btw), I can only be in their presence a couple of times a year due to the distance between us.  Which means while we anticipate those joyous "hellos," we also have the teary "goodbyes."  Today was a goodbye day, and I will continue my day with a lump in my throat and an unusually sensitive nature.

This brings me to my thought process for the day.
I was thinking about feelings, and how we describe our physical bodies (especially our hearts) when we feel them.  Take two obvious opposites:  happy and sad.

If I were to use any of the following words -- empty, broken, drained, heavy, down -- I would be describing sadness.

Likewise, these words (which happen to be completely opposite) -- full, whole, overflowing, light, high -- would convey happiness.  I don't think anyone would describe an emptiness or hollowness as being a happy emotion. 

There are universal descriptors to describe universal feelings.    Am I the only one who finds this cool?  (I am in such a philosophical mood. Tomorrow I'll be, like, who cares?)

I'm glad to know that others know what I am feeling. 

OK, let me qualify that.  I'm glad to know that other people who get along with their parents know what I am feeling today.

Funkily yours,

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