Monday, October 15, 2012

Take Note

Dear Diary,

Today I have many scraps of paper littering the surface of the computer desk. 
  • A calendar I printed out specifically to help me prepare (and therefore not stress out about) for the upcoming Nativity Walk that I organize at my church. Volunteers, ahem?
  • A post-it displaying in pink highlighter the function key that needs to be pressed every time we start this computer.  I don't understand the reason, I just know if I don't heed it, the mouse won't work.
  • A list of friends' prayer requests, ones I usually glean from Facebook, emails and blogs.
  • A recipe for eggless, edible cookie dough my daughter wrote out from the internet -- probably Pinterest.  BTW am I the only one thoroughly confused by Pinterest?
  • Two scrap pages of research on pet-friendly gulf coast accommodations for Christmas break.  I love VRBO and Trip Advisor!
  • And a budget sheet I worked up this morning.  We are exactly half way through the month and my budget money is exactly 80% gone.  It's time for a raise.  No, no, less spending is NOT the answer I am looking for, so don't even think about putting that in the comments, Aunt Katybelle!
I read Jon Acuff's blog today and I identify with what he said, which includes in part:
"Make sure, as you chase a dream, you give your family and your friends and your faith the best of your time and creativity, not just the rest of your time and creativity."
I will add that it's not just in the chasing of dreams but in everyday life as well.  I see that in my household too much; family members getting "the rest" of each other's time.  I indict myself too.

I think that I shall write another note for my desktop that reads:

Right now, since no other human is presently at home, my fill-in-the-blank is "Flash."  That is our goldfish currently on hospice.  Seriously, he has been on his death bed for three days.  Just when we think its over he moves a fin or tail.  It has been hard to watch him lie there, pale and helpless, but is it more compassionate to let nature slowly take him or to send him ever-so-slightly prematurely down the porcelain waterslide to his final resting place?  Where is PETA when you need them?  It is a quandary. 

Well, I have been a little random today, but this IS a diary after all.  Who is your fill-in-the-blank today?  A phone call to a friend?  A chat with a family member?  (Or visitation with a pet?)

RIP Flash,


  1. Spend less!
    What's with Jayda and Flash? Perhaps a note to the ASPCA is in order!

    1. Apparently my aunt has a short memory or is not a very good reader....
      Flash is/was a five year old goldfish. I'd say that's a record for a feeder fish in most people's homes. Splash is his tank companion and is still kickin', or should I say swimmin'. They were won at the same fair at school. Must be our water.

  2. You most definitely brought smiles to my Monday. :) Yes, I am completely and utterly CONFUSED by Pinterest, but that didn't stop me from joining! Maybe at our next coffee we can wade through the waters together and try to figure it out. :) My fill-in-the-blank is, unfortunately, my running shoes. Workout tonight @7:30 in the school gym if you want to join! I'm's gonna be a killer. :)

    1. It's now 8:42 and I am home from a volleyball game with a lovely piece of chocolate carmel cake in my tummy. Oops! Guess I missed the workout! But I'm sure you feel and look much better than I do right now : )