Wednesday, October 3, 2012

What's It All About?

Dear Diary,

From my window I can watch it burn.
Well, more like smolder. 
No, I'm not talking about passion or anger. 
It's the leaves.

I have spent a lovely Fall morning, gray though it is, getting Leaf Layer #1 bagged and burned.  Perfect sweatshirt weather.  And with the energy spent, perhaps it's a little too warm for a cup of steamy, sinus pleasing tea.  Nope, for me refueling only requires a glass of water and a cookie.

The farmers are harvesting across the street.  I like living this close to the country and also this close to the convenience of the burbs.  If I have to live in the Midwest, this is okay.

To the point, this is not a day where I want to be aggressively looking for a job. This is a pleasant day to be "working at home."   While watching the smoldering leaves, I was thinking about this blog.  What's it all about?

I don't read many blogs.  I've not been exposed to many and haven't sought any out either.  [If you have a blog, tell me!  I would love to see it!]  I know someone who started blogging about 10 years ago.  Yes, before Facebook and iPads.  I didn't "get it" at the time. 

Now blogging is commonplace.  You've got bloggers who love a hobby and want to share their love and expertise:  cooking, home decorating, travel, antiques, books, you name it.  You've got bloggers who have certain opinions and want to share their politics and advice:  education, social welfare, democracy, religion.  You've got bloggers who have had certain experiences and want to share their story and (hopefully) provide hope:  depression, substance abuse, adoption, divorce, parenting.

Where does my Not So Secret Diary fit in?  I'm not a hobby-ist.  I avoid politics except on debate and voting day.  And though I've had my experiences, I would bore you with the details. 

Let's go back to the word pleasant.  Here are its synonyms.  (Thank you,!)
affable, agreeable, amiable, amusing, bland, charming, cheerful, civil, civilized, congenial, convivial, cool, copacetic, cordial, delectable, delightful, diplomatic, enchanting, engaging, enjoyable, fine, fun, genial, good-humored, gracious, gratifying, homey, jolly, jovial, kindly, likable, lovely, mild, mild-mannered, nice, obliging, pleasing, pleasurable, polite, refreshing, satisfying, social, soft, sweet, sympathetic, urbane, welcome

Who knew there could be so many?
Here are its antonyms.
bothersome, disagreeable, hateful, nasty, troubling, unacceptable, unfriendly, unhappy, unpleasant, worrisome
So while I don't have the desire to write soley about the virtues of dusting the top of the fridge, or converting you to Christianity (specifically Lutheranism, feel free to look it up), or why bugs are important to our ecosystem,
I DO want to be pleasant. 
Don't you?
Copacetic-ly yours,

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  1. :) Not exactly sure where my little space fits into all of that, either. I blog about a lot of the above, but specifically minus the politics. :) I do think you might want to share with us what it's like to dust the top of the fridge, though. Sadly, I wouldn't know. ;) Hope your Monday is a good one, friend.