Sunday, June 15, 2014

Alcohol, Sports and...Indigestion?

Dear Diary,

In preparation for Father's Day, I was at the store looking for a card to give my husband and my dad.

I tend to go with humor when looking for a card for my dad.

I think the sentimental cards are too schmaltzy for him.  He appreciates sentiment, just not
scrolly-scripty-cursivey stuff.

The opposite is true for my Mom. When shopping for Mother's Day cards, I look for the sentimental not the humorous. I think she'd be disappointed if I didn't get a little flowery in expressing my love for her.

Back to Dad.
Perusing the Father's Day "humor" section I found cards mostly about:
1. Beer
2. Golfing and swearing, and swearing while golfing
3. Flatulance

Yeah no.

Not appropriate for my dad, and I would hope -- unless your dad is still in college or adolescence -- not for most.

So I went home and created my own card that was about, well, how I couldn't find an appropriate card for him...with just a touch of humor and personal sentiment.

So on this special day, I lift my frosty mug to all the dads who aren't of the cookie cutter variety. 
It's your day; go ahead and watch your golf/baseball/fishing channel between elevated feet.

Just don't ask me to pull your finger.

I love you Dad!

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