Saturday, June 7, 2014

Porch Time

Dear Diary,

I've been inspired by the green thumbs and artistic skills of friends who have a knack for creating beautiful spaces. In other words, I have seen some back yards that just beg me to sit and rest awhile, maybe even with a special beverage. (I'm talkin' coffee, people!)

I have seen humbler retreats more reminiscent of my own; an aging, worn deck or not-so-perfect patio with a lawn chair and a pot of flowers -- or not.

See the hummer feeder? Hummers delight me!
Last week my mother wrote me an email from her back porch, a lovely screened in lanai with plenty of lively vegetation (and occasional lizard) within and without.  She was watching the nearby deer as she typed. In closing she declared, "Hope you are getting some porch time too."

Porch time.  I am going to adopt that term.

Though we have a deck, not porch, I love to eat there,
      read there,
      nap there,
      bird watch there,
      and talk with my husband over margaritas there.

My mother knows full well that porch time means down time, and maybe even talk-on-the-phone-long-distance time.

Porch time is ME time.

And it's time to get me some!

Hope you find plenty of porch time this summer!


  1. My wife & I keep our deck furniture in the basement during the winter months. Every spring... about early-mid April, we'll bring it up from the basement and back outside onto our deck.... It's one of the best days of the year! Also... our deck furniture has hosted friends, family, and church youth.... for BOTH Super Bowl Parties AND 4th of July and other summer get-togethers.

    1. Sounds like a great place to have me over for porch time! :-)