Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I Remember

Dear Diary,

I remember where I was 11 years ago.  In fact, probably every American over the age of 10 at the time remembers. 

Since I was young I've had the quirky, macabre fear that I would someday witness a plane crash.  Perhaps this was because I have lived in the path of a major metropolitan airport all my life.  Sometimes I hear those planes make noises that seem a little too loud and a little too strange.  I rush to the window to make sure the 400-ton piece of flying metal is still aloft, praying it is not my worst fear being realized.  Of course it isn't. 

Until 9/11/01.

Although we have a melting pot of backgrounds that shape who we are, today is a day we become united in our thoughts.   Not to remember the macabre, but to remember the heroics and bravery of men and women who were thrown into a situation never seen before in our history.  I am soooo proud to be an American.

Patriotically yours,

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  1. I was substitute teaching on 09/11/01. I remember thinking to myself, "This must have been kind of how it felt on 12/07/41." And I knew that 09/11 would be another "Day that would live in infamy."

    I also remember my mother calling me later that day. She was *absolutely convinced* that the US would almost immediately reinstate the draft, and all four of her sons would soon be fighting in a war in the Middle East.

    Thankfully, the draft didn't happen... but as we pause to remember the lives lost in NYC and DC and Pennsylvania on 9/11, let's also remember the countless lives lost in Iraq and Afghanistan during the past eleven years.