Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Sharing My Path

Dear Diary,

This was my path this morning.  Take a moment to look at it.  Ponder walking it. 

Where does your path lead you today?

Serenely Yours,


  1. Pretty! I want to run that sometime. :)

    What's your week like? Time for coffee tomorrow or Friday?

  2. Just caught up with your blog, so I'll put all comments together.Sept 11... You probably feel differently about 9/11/12 today than you did when you wrote the blog, but after 9/11/11 I asked my Dad how he felt. He said it wasn't as bad then, because they knew who their enemy was. Thought that was interesting.
    Cell Phone Lot...Sometimes it can be interesting. We were waiting one time and a pair of sandhill cranes walked up to the car and walked around the lot for the whole time we were there.
    Time Slow Down... Watching your daughter grow up is a joy and a greater blessing. You always ask yourself who am i that God has blessed me so greatly. Time doesn't slow down (it even goes faster), and you, as I did, have a daughter who will always love Christ, this is a gift that he worked through you, and each day you will cherish it.
    Love, Mom