Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Cell Phone Lot

Dear Diary,

I'm an allegory person.  I think in my parenting phase of life it comes naturally for me to find the lesson in the event.  It doesn't always have to be a lesson.  It could just be another way to look at the big picture.

Take yesterday for instance.  I was waiting for my husband to arrive home on an international flight at the major metropolitan airport near where I live.  (See Blog I Remember for, well, no useful additional airport reference.)

I used the Cell Phone Lot (CPL) for the first time.  You know, that mostly empty parking lot with a few cars sitting neatly in their spaces, their drivers idling the time away, awaiting the call of their loved one.  And I do mean "loved one" as you have to have some sort of love connection to take on the task of driving anyone to or from the airport. 
But I digress.

While I sat I had time.  I made a few observations.
  •  It wasn't pretty.  The relatively small CPL is surrounded by the larger economy parking lot.  The barriers between them were an 8-foot galvanized fence and some concrete barriers.  No, I wasn't there for the scenery.
  • Planes arriving.  With their descent comes a sense of anticipation for those passengers.   "Arriving" means home to me, but to others, this was their destination, or at least a stop on their way to wherever.
  • Planes departing.   Again, for some "departing" means they are home-bound.  But from where I sat, it means "off I go into the wild blue yonder!"
Most days I am in the CPL of life.  Waiting and observing the comings and goings of others who are on their way to somewhere.  Perhaps it is to the comforts of something familiar (home) or to new exciting events (the blue yonder).  I am content in the CPL.  Though some days I may feel the confinement of a steel fence, that is not true now. 

Now I see the freedom of the sky and I wait and I watch.  And only one thing will move me into action.

The call of a loved one.

Awaiting the next departure,


  1. Loved this. :) Airports are so fascinating to me...I love dreaming about the places people have been and where they're heading.

    I actually wrote an entire post about a year ago, documenting all of the airports I've been in. It's at least an interesting read...I'll have to dig it up and send you the link. :)

    But funny enough, I had no idea there was a CPL...I've only picked someone up at the airport once. Learned something today! Blessings, friend. :)

  2. Hummmm, my last CPL experience had no fences, you parked on the grass, and watched 3-4 foot tall sandhill cranes freely walk about.