Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Time to Face the Mess

Dear Diary,
I have so many loose ends to tie, which is why I sit here in front of the computer, honing my writing skills and avoiding the unpleasant.

I took a good look at my bedroom this morning.  It is this close to being featured on the reality show Help! I Can't Find My Bed, Nor My Spouse.

I have a fairly large bedroom, so it has become the place where I put things that don't otherwise have an active role in the rest of the house.  I have a section which is the odds 'n ends holding area.  It holds my things I only use seasonally or occasionally --space heater, steam cleaner, empty gift boxes, craft stuff, stuff to give away, and yes, even a crib mattress.  And where else does one put the twelve-box package of facial tissues from Costco?  Then I have a corner for the bins of seasonal and oversized clothes that will eventually fit my daughters.  Then I have the ironing area, complete with hanging clothes, which has already been established in this diary as a limited activity zone in my house.

On top of that, I decided that this year the top of my queen-sized bed would be off-limits to all the birthday and Christmas gift wrapping in December, including removing sticky tags and cutting the annoying sparkly, yet festive, paper to size.  (No more sparkly-paper-covered gifts from me.) So I created a folding table wrapping area, which, along with all the gift wrap and bows I had to keep nearby, used up the remaining space I had left on either side of the bed.

It's time to take down and pare down.  And it's daunting. 

I like to tidy.  There is a satisfaction in that. 

But it's hard to pare down sometimes.  To let go of things I might need again someday.

Well, the time has come to face the mess. 

If I were really shameless I would provide a before and after photo of today's work.  Nahhh.  Some things, like my messy room and my actual ability to clean it up, are best left to the imagination.

Shamefully Yours,

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