Thursday, January 17, 2013

Not a Trivial Matter

Dear Diary,
By now I think it has been established that I like to write about trivial things.
  • Household chores
  • Vacations
  • Post-Its
  • Deer Sightings
  • Parakeets
  • Sitting around a parking lot
  • Etc.
Honestly, my day is full of trivial moments.  Heck so is my life.  So here comes another trivial observation for me to write about. Well, it's a confession, really.

I am no longer confident in my ability to use a pen and get my thoughts properly down onto paper, and get it right the first time.  I am talking about writing a good old-fashioned letter (a rare, antiquated activity these days).  I need to first type it on my computer.  If it is a good long letter, I have no problem printing from the word processor and then just scribble my sig at the bottom.

But there are a few occasions when I want to send a hand-written note.  However, I start by typing my thoughts onto paper, tweak it, spell check it, and then hand write it out. (In fact, honestly, this is why I decided to blog my writing instead of journal it.  Hand-writing vs. typing these posts?  Easy choice.) 

Yes, much of my daily life is made up of triviality, like decisions on typing vs. writing.  Decisions and situations that are mostly unimportant in the grand scheme of life.  In fact I think most of my life is white noise trivia.  Stuff that takes up my time, which masks what really matters.

So what does matter in my life?  What gives my life its value?

My relationships and my faith.

Matters of the heart and soul are never trivial.

Soon I will be writing a letter.  Actually two.  To strangers across the sea.  To prisoners I don't know.  And it is no trivial matter.

I will spend a long time fashioning/typing the words I will eventually put to pen.  I will look up scripture and think carefully about my message.  These letters will probably be some of the most important letters I have ever written.  One will go to a man named Alim, in China, and one to Imran, in Pakistan; both persecuted under a government hostile to Christians.

Here is more information on the persecuted church and prisoners who need encouragement to get through each hour of the day.  The Voice of the Martyrs is doing amazing work of supporting the persecuted and their families around the world.

And I am happy to discover they have a blog!

These are stories that amaze me.  These people are my heroes.  They struggle daily for survival, while I harp over trivial matters.  It humbles me.  It points me to the awesomeness of God.

Now that is no trivial matter.


  1. Thanks for posting these links...I like the idea of writing a letter or two. Putting it on my must-do-soon list. :)

    Thanks for the inspiration today! Blessings, friend. :)

  2. Thanks for the support Mel. As you know, there are so many worthy causes that can capture one's heart. I wish I could devote more time and resources to many more of them. This one in particular has moved me especially.